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18 January 2019
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Sharp practice: innovative injection technology to avoid needle-stick incidents
Developments in injection technology to reduce the costs of needle-stick infections are remapping the path to achieving needle safety. Philip Tanner, assistant director of health, safety and well-being for NHS Blood and Transplant, talks to Eleanor Wilson about how his organisation is balancing better training with innovative equipment.

Step forward: EWMA's advanced therapies in clinical wound management
Dr Alberto Piaggesi, director of the diabetic foot section at Pisa University Hospital, Italy, and scientific recorder at the European Wound Management Association (EWMA), presents a summary of a new document prepared by EWMA that outlines challenges and opportunities related to the introduction of new advanced therapies in clinical wound management. The EWMA document will be published as an online supplement to the Journal of Wound Care in May 2018.

Near perfect: better quality care for cancer patients
A new project between Novartis and London’s Royal Marsden Partners Cancer Vanguard is aiming to improve the quality of care for cancer patients by expanding the role of oncology pharmacists. With cancer care targets continuing to be missed, such collaborative efforts between pharma companies and the NHS could play a vital role in ensuring quicker access to treatments, writes Ross Davies.

Into the deep: proper utilisation of patient data
From automatically analysing medical scans to using digital records to predict illness, new technology is transforming how doctors care for their patients. But the rise of digital patient data comes with its own set of challenges, with clinicians and IT firms needing to work hard to keep data safe. Andrea Valentino catches up with Dr Dominic King, a clinical lead at DeepMind, about how his team gets round these problems, and how innovative use of patient data can improve life for doctors and patients alike.

Shock of the new: treatment to beat sepsis
Two leading names in pharma have signed an R&D agreement to develop a companion diagnostic test for septic shock that could help identify patients who are more likely to respond to treatment. Kerry Taylor-Smith speaks to Jean-Jacques Palombo, life-cycle leader and senior vice-president at Roche Diagnostics, and Margarita Salcedo-Magguilli, chief development officer at Inotrem, about septic shock and the issues facing the healthcare sector in beating it.

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